Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece

Antinioti West Beach

Antinioti West Beach is a beautiful and peaceful beach known for its stunning views. The beach is characterized by its sandy terrain that gradually becomes more pebbly near the rock formations. It is also a popular spot for viewing the sunset. The sea is great for swimming, however, visitors are advised to be cautious as there are sharp stones in the water. The beach is easily accessible from Almyros Beach, making it a nice destination for a morning run or walk. Despite its beauty, Antinioti West Beach is not typically crowded, providing a quiet and serene atmosphere for visitors. It is also known to be a nudist beach. Visitors are advised to bring water shoes for safety when entering the water and ample sun cream to protect against the sun.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the beauty and tranquility of the beach, with many appreciating the stunning views, peaceful morning walks, and the opportunity to view the sunset. The beach is also appreciated for its quietness and lack of crowds, making it an ideal spot for nudists. However, visitors have complained about sharp stones in the water which can cause injuries, suggesting the need for water shoes.

Where is Antinioti West Beach?

Latitude: 39.820305 / Longitude: 19.845885

Antinioti West Beach is located in Corfu. The following map of Antinioti West Beach shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Antinioti West Beach?

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