Puerto Rico

Balneario P煤blico de Boquer贸n

Balneario P煤blico de Boquer贸n is a beach located in the southwestern region of Puerto Rico, specifically in the Cabo Rojo Municipio. The beach is part of the physical, cultural and historic features of Puerto Rico and is situated within the PR 00623 ZIP Code delivery area. Its geographical coordinates are latitude 18.0132961273 and longitude -67.1718444824. Nearby populated areas include Boqueron, Boqueron Comunidad, Betances, Pole Ojea, Pole Ojea Comunidad, Las Arenas, Sosa, Corozo, Cuatro Calles, Cuatro Caminos, El Cerro, Las Palmas, Morales Diaz, Guanabana, and Guaniquilla. The beach is renowned for its natural beauty and tranquility. It is characterized by its calm waves, clear water, and soft white sand, making it an ideal spot for peaceful walks along the shore. One of the unique features of Balneario P煤blico de Boquer贸n is the presence of some of the largest iguanas on the island, providing an opportunity for wildlife observation. Another captivating feature of the beach is its breathtaking sunsets which offer a stunning spectacle for visitors. However, those planning to stay until the evening are advised to bring mosquito repellent. Despite its popularity, Balneario P煤blico de Boquer贸n maintains a serene and calm atmosphere, making it an attractive destination for those seeking relaxation. The beach also provides ample parking facilities for visitors, with a nominal entrance fee.

What to do at Balneario P煤blico de Boquer贸n?


Balneario P煤blico de Boquer贸n amenities include parking.


Best restaurants near Balneario P煤blico de Boquer贸n include El Congre, Pescaderia Villa Palmeras and El Puente Tropical Bar and Rest.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the exceptional beauty of the beach, particularly its white sand, clear water, and stunning sunsets. Many consider it one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, and its calm energy is frequently mentioned. However, some visitors complain about the presence of mosquitoes, especially around sunset.

Where is Balneario P煤blico de Boquer贸n?

Latitude: 18.0132963 / Longitude: -67.1718457

Balneario P煤blico de Boquer贸n is located in Puerto Rico. The following map of Balneario P煤blico de Boquer贸n shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Balneario P煤blico de Boquer贸n?

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