Belek, Mediterranean Region, Turkey


Located on the Turkish coast is the serene Belek Beach, which shares its name with the city it is in. With soft sand and crystal clear waters, it is an ideal destination for families, particularly those with children. Trained lifeguards ensure visitors can safely enjoy the beach, while an accessible area is also available for people with disabilities. Originally established in the 1980s for golf enthusiasts, Belek Beach now boasts a variety of water sports, catering for both adult and child visitors. Beach bars and restaurants offer delightful cuisine and refreshing beverages during the summer season, while loungers, toilets, and showers are provided for the comfort of guests. A large parking space is located nearby for the convenience of visitors who drive.
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What to do at Belek?


Belek amenities include parking, toilet, shower and loungers.


You can enjoy a refreshing drink at one of the bars situated on the beach.


You can enjoy one of the restaurants at the beach while soaking up the sun.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the amenities such as free parking for cars, showers, changing cabins, and available sun beds and umbrellas. Visitors enjoy the location and its offerings, including the kid's play area, but many complain about the beach's cleanliness, with trash, cans, and cigarettes littering the sand.

Where is Belek?

Latitude: 36.84215834 / Longitude: 31.07876826

Belek is located in Belek. The following map of Belek shows the exact location.

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