Songkhla Province, Thailand

Bor It Beach

Bor It Beach is a public beach, open to visitors at any time. It is known for its peaceful and private atmosphere, making it an ideal location for relaxation and family hangouts. The beach area is generally clean, although the restroom facilities may not be up to standard. The beach is characterized by large rocks that have been piled up as a protective measure against sea waves. These rocks also serve as a popular spot for photography and fishing. Adjacent to these rocks is a small beach area. However, the presence of mud under the sand can make the sea appear unclear. Despite this, the beach is not typically recommended for swimming, with nearby Samila Beach often suggested as a better option for clear blue waters.
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Bor It Beach amenities include toilet.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the beach's peaceful and private atmosphere, making it a perfect place for relaxation and family hangouts. The presence of large rocks that provide protection against sea waves and offer opportunities for photography and fishing is also appreciated. However, visitors complain about the beach's unclear water due to mud under the sand and the poor condition of the restrooms.

Where is Bor It Beach?

Latitude: 7.1147037 / Longitude: 100.6653599

Bor It Beach is located in Songkhla Province. The following map of Bor It Beach shows the exact location.

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