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Boulders Beach is a picturesque location located on the Cape Peninsula in False Bay, South Africa. The beach comprises small stone bays surrounded by towering granite mountains and serves as a habitat for a large community of African penguins. The penguins have thrived in this area due to a fishing ban in the water, leading to an impressive population of 3000. Tourists can view these magnificent creatures from elevated wooden platforms but must maintain a safe distance. The best time to visit for a beach getaway and swimming is from November to March when air and water temperatures are warmer. The beach charges an entry fee for both adults and children and has varying opening times depending on the season. Witnessing these adorable penguins in their natural surroundings is a one-of-a-kind experience not to be missed.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that visitors enjoy the beautiful beach and the opportunity to see penguins up close. However, visitors complain about the crowds and the difficulty of navigating the boulders, particularly during high tide. It's recommended to visit early to avoid the crowds.

Where is Boulders?

Latitude: -34.1956153 / Longitude: 18.4503585

Boulders is located in South Africa. The following map of Boulders shows the exact location.

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