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Bribie Beach Access Track

Bribie Beach Access Track is a popular destination for beachgoers and campers. It is known for its natural beauty and the unique experience it offers. However, it is important to note that this beach is only accessible by 4WD vehicles due to the soft sand conditions. Visitors are advised to reduce their tyre pressure to around 15-18 psi to navigate the terrain successfully. The beach is also a popular spot for camping, offering a unique outdoor experience. However, visitors should be aware that the only available pass for vehicle access is a week-long pass. The cost of this pass has been described as relatively high, suggesting that the beach may be best suited for longer stays rather than day trips. Despite its popularity, the beach access track has been criticized for its lack of maintenance. Many visitors have reported getting their vehicles bogged due to the soft sand conditions. This has led to calls for better maintenance of the track, especially considering that a permit is required to access the beach. Overall, Bribie Beach Access Track offers a unique beach experience for those prepared for its challenging conditions. It is a place where visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the beach while also experiencing the thrill of navigating its challenging access track.

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Best restaurants near Bribie Beach Access Track include The Crab Pot Woorim, Rosie’s and El Pigface Mexican.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the excitement and adventure of driving on the beach, with many recommending the use of 4WD and reducing tyre pressure for a successful experience. The beach is also appreciated as a great place for camping. However, visitors complain about the poor maintenance of the tracks, the difficulty of getting through the soft sand, and the high cost of the week-long vehicle pass with no option for a day pass.

Where is Bribie Beach Access Track?

Latitude: -27.0575528 / Longitude: 153.1989722

Bribie Beach Access Track is located in Queensland. The following map of Bribie Beach Access Track shows the exact location.

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