Coral Beach Eilat

Coral Beach, situated in the southernmost part of Israel's city of Eilat, boasts a stunning expanse of white sandy coastline amidst the dry desert landscape. Picturesque mountains form an impressive backdrop for the shimmering Red Sea waters surrounding this pristine beach. The Coral Beach is also renowned for its vibrant marine life which includes a colorful array of fish and coral reefs that form a part of the Red Sea's globally celebrated reef system. A visit to this awe-inspiring natural reserve in Israel is an opportunity not to be missed.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach is great for snorkeling and has rental gear on site. Visitors enjoy seeing the amazing coral and sea life in the clear, calm waters of the Red Sea. Some visitors complain about the entrance fee or limited food options, but others suggest bringing your own food and enjoying the amenities provided.

Where is Coral Beach Eilat?

Latitude: 29.5079458 / Longitude: 34.9210677

Coral Beach Eilat is located in Israel. The following map of Coral Beach Eilat shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Coral Beach Eilat?

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