Peljesac, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Dalmatia, Croatia


Located 10 km from Trpanj, Divna beach is renowned as one of the most exquisite beaches in the region. Appropriately named, Divna translates to 'beautiful' in Croatian, and this stunning, pristine beach certainly lives up to the moniker. With its turquoise hued waters and fine white sand, there are times that visitors may even feel transported to the Caribbean. Additionally, Divna features a pebble section. Notably, the sea is both clean and warm, with shallow waters. Consequently, the beach is a fantastic option for families with children and those who are not confident swimmers. Surrounded by untamed, natural pine forests, the area is a serene haven for those seeking tranquillity. Equally, visitors have the convenience of a nearby parking lot, along with access to onsite restroom facilities, a bar, and restaurant.
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What to do at Divna?


Divna amenities include parking and toilet.


Best bars near Divna include Beach Bar LIBE, Tuna Bar, Cafe and Cocktails Bar Laganini, Madirazza Wine Bar and Cafe bar Victoria.


Best restaurants near Divna include Bistro Joja and Tuna Bar.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach is beautiful with clear water and snorkeling opportunities. Some visitors complain about it being overcrowded and difficulty finding parking. There are small bars with refreshments available, but no rental options for umbrellas or chairs.

Where is Divna?

Latitude: 43.007925 / Longitude: 17.269843

Divna is located in Peljesac. The following map of Divna shows the exact location.

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