Crete, Greece

Dog Friendly Beaches in Rethymno

Rethymno is located in Crete, Greece and is a destination that welcomes dogs to its beaches. Bringing a furry friend to the beach can be a wonderful experience for both the owner and the dog. Here are some of the dog-friendly beaches in Rethymno: Rethymnon beach is a sandy haven with accessibility in mind, vigilantly monitored by lifeguards and cordoned off with ropes to protect the nests of loggerhead sea turtles. The beach also offers ample parking, restrooms, showers, and an array of loungers, bars, and restaurants. Complete list of beaches can be found in our guide below.

Situated on the periphery of Rethymno city, Rethymnon beach can be found on the scenic Greek island of Crete. ...

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