Hampshire, England, United Kingdom


Eastney Beach is situated at the eastern end of a 3.5 km coastal stretch between Southsea Castle and Fort Cumberland in Hampshire, UK. The beach is renowned for its popularity among swimmers, water sports enthusiasts, and naturists. It is predominantly composed of shingle and coarse sand and attracts visitors from different walks of life. The beach supports over 100 plant species that have adapted to growing in sand and shingle. Essential amenities such as parking, toilets, and a café are available along Eastney Esplanade. Although QuinetiQ owns the beach above mean high water, naturists still use it. The parking area has space for approximately 300 cars, including spots for the disabled, for a fee.
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Best bars near Eastney include The Marina Bar, By The Beach, Nelsons Bar and Restaurant, Fort Cumberland Arms, Sir Loin of Beef and The Eastney Tavern.


Best restaurants near Eastney include Marine Fish Bar, The Eastney Tavern, Amigos, Bombay Bay and Panini Junction.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach is quiet and peaceful with beautiful views and good parking options. Visitors enjoy the dog-friendly and invigorating atmosphere, but some complain about the pebbles being uncomfortable to walk on. Overall, visitors appreciate the relaxing and clean environment of the beach.

Where is Eastney?

Latitude: 50.7850746 / Longitude: -1.0455016

Eastney is located in Hampshire. The following map of Eastney shows the exact location.

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