Ibiza Town, Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain

Playa Figueretas

The Playa Figueretas is a picturesque urban beach located in Ibiza Town, Spain. Adorned with stunning palm trees, it boasts a lengthy promenade that proves ideal for family vacations. The beach features gently sloping entrances to the sea, making it safe for children. Additionally, fine white sand covers the shore, and professional lifeguard services are available. For those seeking adventure, this beach offers kayaks and stand-up paddle rental services, as well as frequent organized boat excursions. Transport to the beach is made convenient, with parking facilities and access to bus and ferry transportation. Loungers and parasols are also available for rent. Playa Figueretas is home to several Italian, Mediterranean, and Japanese restaurants, as well as numerous beach bars, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a variety of dining options.

What to do at Playa Figueretas?


Playa Figueretas amenities include parking and loungers.


Best bars near Playa Figueretas include Club de Platja SHU Talamanca, Chambao By the Beach, Flotante, Bellamar Restaurant, Bar Bacus and Bar Cosmi.


Best restaurants near Playa Figueretas include Fish Shack, Sa Punta, Restaurante UNICO IBIZA, Restaurante Ses Figueres, Chambao By the Beach, Bellamar Restaurant and Restaurant Hostal Talamanca.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the beauty of the beach and its suitability for long walks throughout the year. The beach also offers options for dining and clear water. However, some reviews mention the crowds during peak season and the lack of shower and toilet facilities on the beach.

Where is Playa Figueretas?

Latitude: 38.91491702 / Longitude: 1.46317888

Playa Figueretas is located in Ibiza Town. The following map of Playa Figueretas shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Playa Figueretas?

The following map shows available accommodations and their prices.


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