Henties Bay

The beach in Henties Bay, Namibia is a scenic stretch that extends for several kilometers. The water is cool and often produces large waves due to the Bengal cold current. The beach has limited infrastructure, with only wooden benches and trash cans available. However, visitors can find hotels and villas situated on sand dunes with an ocean view. Shark fishing is a popular activity due to the presence of plankton off the coast. Fishing equipment, bait, and catch can be rented for $90 per person. Additionally, visitors can take a trip to Cape Cross, the largest seal colony, from the beach. The best time to visit the beach is from November to April, although water temperatures do not exceed +23˚ even during peak season. Namibia has a dry desert climate and can be visited year-round. Come and explore this beautiful beach located in Namibia.

What to do at Henties Bay?


Best bars near Henties Bay include Misty Bay Cafe, Blitzkrieg Bunker Bar, Excited 3, Anmire cool-off bar and Johnnie Walker -Lounge Bar.


Best restaurants near Henties Bay include Restaurant, Misty Bay Cafe, Fishy Corner Restaurant, The Clubhouse Restaurant & Sushi, Hentiesbaai and Gallo Hentiesbay.

Where is Henties Bay?

Latitude: -22.1134964 / Longitude: 14.2832038

Henties Bay is located in Namibia. The following map of Henties Bay shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Henties Bay?

The following map shows available accommodations and their prices.


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