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Hiriketiya Beach, located within the Hiriketiya Bay situated near Dickwella town on Sri Lanka's southern coast, boasts a breathtaking view of turquoise waters and iconic palm trees on its golden sandy shores. Its horseshoe shape creates a secluded haven, rendering it a hidden gem for visitors. With ideal surfing conditions for 10 months of the year, Hiriketiya Bay serves as a surfer's paradise, featuring several surf shacks catering to the surfing community. Moreover, nature enthusiasts and water sports lovers alike will find this pristine destination alluring.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach is great for surfing and has an unbeatable view. However, some visitors complain about it being too commercialized and crowded during the tourist season, with little space to spread out towels or play for children. Some restaurants are quite expensive.

Where is Hiriketiya?

Latitude: 5.9624 / Longitude: 80.7068

Hiriketiya is located in Sri Lanka. The following map of Hiriketiya shows the exact location.

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