Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece

Iliodoros Beach

Iliodoros Beach is a serene destination located in the Ionian Islands of Greece, specifically in the village of Liapades near Géfyra. It is also referred to as Linodoros and Agios Iliodoros. It is a secluded beach, known for its striking natural beauty and tranquility. The beach is surrounded by lush green hills and forests, offering a picturesque panorama of the Ionian Sea. The beach's sand is soft and white, blending seamlessly with the greenery and the vibrant blue waters. The waters of Iliodoros Beach are crystal-clear and shallow, making it an ideal location for swimming and snorkeling. The beach itself is pebbly, and visitors may want to bring reef shoes for comfort when walking on the rocks. Despite its remote location, the beach is frequented by nature lovers and those seeking peaceful moments with their families and friends. Iliodoros Beach can be reached by a variety of methods. One common way is by boat. Alternatively, visitors can choose to walk or bike to the beach. The paths to the beach start from a junction on the road going to Limni and wind through an olive grove south of Liapades. However, these routes are steep and rocky, and may prove challenging for some. Therefore, physical fitness and preparation are recommended for those choosing this method of travel. Despite its natural beauty, Iliodoros Beach lacks facilities. There are no amenities directly at the beach, therefore visitors are advised to bring everything they need for their beach day. However, there are several bars, restaurants, and cafés located nearby for refreshments. The beach offers rental sunbeds and umbrellas for visitors to use. The beach's secluded nature contributes to its peaceful ambiance, making it a perfect destination for those seeking solitude away from the more crowded beaches. However, its remoteness also means that there is no designated parking area for visitors. Overall, Iliodoros Beach is a gem of the Ionian Islands, offering a unique natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere that attracts many visitors. It is a perfect destination for those seeking relaxation or an active day out on the waves.

What to do at Iliodoros Beach?


Iliodoros Beach amenities include loungers.


You can enjoy a refreshing drink at one of the bars situated on the beach.


You can enjoy one of the restaurants at the beach while soaking up the sun.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the serene beauty and tranquility of the beach, with its clear blue waters, stunning green surroundings, and amazing views. The beach is best reached by boat, and the journey offers an adventurous experience. However, visitors complain about the challenging access by foot due to the steep, rocky terrain and lack of clear directions.

Where is Iliodoros Beach?

Latitude: 39.6560836 / Longitude: 19.7238469

Iliodoros Beach is located in Corfu. The following map of Iliodoros Beach shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Iliodoros Beach?

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