Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


Situated in the southern region of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, lies the famous Ipanema beach. Its pristine soft white sand is deemed as one of the primary attractions in Rio and has been a hub for tourists since 1960, when it gained recognition worldwide from the famous melody "The Girl from Ipanema". Furthermore, Ipanema beach holds the reputation of being the "miniature Paris" of the city, offering exceptional avant-garde galleries, bookstores, and movie theaters. This well-visited location caters to individuals who revel in popular holiday destinations and yearn for an immersive cultural experience.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the clean beach with plenty of activities and shopping available, as well as stunningly beautiful views. However, visitors should beware of scammers who may try to sell fake goods. Some reviewers also noted that there wasn't a strong police presence on the beach.

Where is Ipanema?

Latitude: -22.9847 / Longitude: -43.1986

Ipanema is located in Rio de Janeiro. The following map of Ipanema shows the exact location.

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