Keem Bay

If one is fond of taking extended strolls, the serene ambiance of Keem Bay may be of particular interest. Previously an animated summer hamlet known as Bunowna was adjacent to the beach. However, presently, it remains deserted and presents a prominent prospect for discovery. For those who relish a more daring approach to exploring Keem Bay and its surroundings, kayaking is an ideal option. It is plausible to attain rentable kayaks and even participate in organized kayaking excursions.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the stunning beauty of the beach, complemented by the scenic drive in and surrounding cliffs. Visitors enjoy the clear water, golden sand, and beach facilities, but complain about narrow roads and limited parking.

Where is Keem Bay?

Latitude: 53.96734 / Longitude: -10.19231

Keem Bay is located in Ireland. The following map of Keem Bay shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Keem Bay?

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