The Bahamas

Love Beach

Love Beach is located on the north-western portion of New Providence Island in The Bahamas, a convenient 20-minute car ride from Nassau. This tranquil beach offers a respite from the more bustling beaches of the island, with fewer crowds and minimal beach vendors. It's an ideal spot to unwind and enjoy a leisurely day by the sea. Interestingly, a vast 40-acre coral reef lies just off the shore, providing a unique opportunity to discover an array of marine life during low tide. Visitors may witness a variety of colorful fish, crabs, and shellfish as they explore the stunning ecosystem.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach is beautiful and not crowded, with easy parking and the option to buy food and drinks. However, some visitors complain about the lack of public access and the need to pay to enter through Nirvana bar.

Where is Love Beach?

Latitude: 25.0631929 / Longitude: -77.4894661

Love Beach is located in The Bahamas. The following map of Love Beach shows the exact location.

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