New South Wales, East Coast of Australia, Australia

Manly Beach

Manly Beach is an iconic and highly visited beach located in the Sydney region. It is renowned for its natural beauty and is well-framed by the surrounding landscape. The beach is known for its excellent surfing conditions and is historically significant as the location of the first world surfing championship. The beach is easily accessible by ferry from Circular Quay, offering stunning views of the city skyline during the journey. Once at Manly Beach, visitors can enjoy a variety of activities including surfing and swimming. For those who prefer a quieter experience, public pools are available at both ends of the beach which tend to be less crowded. In addition to its natural features, Manly Beach is surrounded by a variety of amenities. There are numerous services in the area, including shops and restaurants. For those who enjoy walking, there is a beautiful trail near the seashore. Furthermore, the beach is in close proximity to natural reserves and smaller, equally beautiful beaches, such as Shelly Beach. Despite its popularity, Manly Beach maintains a relaxed atmosphere, with a cool wind breeze often present. The beach is also a popular location for volleyball players. The area is residential-friendly, with apartments and condos nearby, making it an ideal place to live for beach lovers.

What to do at Manly Beach?


Best restaurants near Manly Beach include Manly Seaside Kebabs, Manly Thai Gourmet, Bistro Manly, Manly Grill and Manly Greenhouse.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the beauty and accessibility of the beach, with many praising the stunning views, the presence of smaller, safer beaches, and the availability of various activities such as surfing and swimming. The beach's proximity to shops, natural reserves, and scenic walk trails is also highly appreciated. However, some visitors express concern about the potential risk of jellyfish stings.

Where is Manly Beach?

Latitude: -33.7964598 / Longitude: 151.2883992

Manly Beach is located in New South Wales. The following map of Manly Beach shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Manly Beach?

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