Mar Del Plata

Mar Del Plata is a seasoned beach destination in Argentina, acknowledged for its popularity and consequently, its crowds. For individuals seeking tranquility, the serene Varese and Cabo Corrientes beaches are recommended, nestled in a cove perfect for water-based activities such as fishing. Conversely, if revelry is what you crave, Playa Grande has an array of beachside clubs and parties on offer. Mar Del Plata caters to a plethora of preferences and guarantees a memorable experience.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that visitors enjoy the beach for its natural beauty and as a good spot to swim and relax with family. However, visitors complain about the amount of trash and dirtiness left behind by other beachgoers, and suggest that the government should implement an awareness movement to address this issue. One review is too brief to provide any additional information.

Where is Mar Del Plata?

Latitude: -38.0055 / Longitude: -57.5426

Mar Del Plata is located in Argentina. The following map of Mar Del Plata shows the exact location.

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