Volusia County, Florida, United States of America

New Smyrna Beach

For those seeking a tranquil and leisurely atmosphere within the vicinity of Daytona, New Smyrna Beach presents an irrefutable option. Spanning a considerable length of seventeen miles, this coastal destination offers ample expanse to accommodate visitors without overcrowding. Additionally, the northern stretch of the beach is amenable to canines, ideal for those with an affection for furry companions. However, the most prominent feature of New Smyrna Beach is undeniably the consistent and alluring waves, captivating surfers across the globe throughout the year.

What to do at New Smyrna Beach?


Best bars near New Smyrna Beach include Surf Lounge, River Deck Tiki Bar & Restaurant, Corkscrew Bar and Grille, Riverpark Terrace and Merk's Bar & Grill.


Best restaurants near New Smyrna Beach include The General Public House, Coronado Kitchen, Corkscrew Bar and Grille, Italian Country Grille, Sundown Smokehouse, City Market Bistro, Yellow Dog Eats and Jason's Corner.

Where is New Smyrna Beach?

Latitude: 29.0258191 / Longitude: -80.9269984

New Smyrna Beach is located in Volusia County. The following map of New Smyrna Beach shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near New Smyrna Beach?

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