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Nudist Beaches in Negara

Negara is a region located in Bali, Indonesia. Nudist beaches, known for their unique atmosphere of freedom and body positivity, are a special type of beach that cater to individuals who prefer to sunbathe and swim in the nude. This article presents a selection of such beaches in and around the Negara area.

Geger Beach, situated in the southern region of Bali, is a pristine natural wonder with fine white sand. The beach offers secluded areas near the Geger Temple, often referred to as the "secret beach". The northern sections of the beach provide rental loungers, while the southern shores are adorned with resorts. A common feature of the beach is seaweed, predominantly harvested by local farmers and often utilized by the cosmetic industry. For dining, patrons can access a nearby restaurant offering delectable seafood grills via a staircase, with other options for international cuisine also available.

In the guide below, you will find more detailed information on the nudist beaches mentioned above, including a map of their locations. Our guide also provides a more extensive list of nudist beaches in the Negara area for those interested in exploring further.

83.6km from Negara center

Geger Beach, located in the southern region of Bali, Indonesia, is a pristine natural wonder featuring fine wh...

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