French Polynesia

Nuku Hiva

Beach Nuku Hiva is a beautiful location in French Polynesia and serves as the capital of the Marquesas Islands. The area is well-known for its stunning beaches and historic cultural sites. Anaho bay is a popular swimming spot due to its tranquil, shallow waters and golden sand. Hatiheu bay is another excellent option for swimming and exploration, as it features ancient stone statues and petroglyphs. Visitors can also enjoy scenic waterfalls and valleys, such as Ahuii waterfall in the Hakaui valley. The tropical climate provides a comfortable environment for relaxation year-round, with temperatures averaging around +25-27หšะก and a gentle ocean breeze. The optimal time to visit is between October and April, during the islands' summer season. However, winter weather can be unpredictable. Nuku Hiva is a serene destination with stunning views and warm, welcoming waters, perfect for a peaceful retreat.
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What to do at Nuku Hiva?


One of the best bars near Nuku Hiva is Snack Tematapuaua.


Best restaurants near Nuku Hiva include Snack Pa-kakiu, ROULOTTE OUMATI, Snack Vaeaki, Snack Tematapuaua and Boulangerie-snack joseph.

Where is Nuku Hiva?

Latitude: -8.9061701 / Longitude: -140.1055311

Nuku Hiva is located in French Polynesia. The following map of Nuku Hiva shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Nuku Hiva?

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