Bali, Indonesia

Nusa Penida

The island of Nusa Penida is renowned for its awe-inspiring beaches that can be classified into two distinct categories. These categories include beaches that are ideal for purely sightseeing and those that are appropriate for engaging in various fun summer activities. It is noteworthy that the rocky nature of Nusa Penida island impedes access to certain beaches. Visitors should, therefore, expect to engage in some form of hiking when exploring the island's beaches, since even the more accessible ones necessitate traversing steep paths to reach them.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the stunning scenery, beautiful sunrise, and nice spots for sunbathing at the beach. Visitors complain about the challenging terrain and steep stairs, the difficulty of swimming due to rocky bottoms and active waves, and the crowds of people blocking the stairs for photos.

Where is Nusa Penida?

Latitude: -8.71232 / Longitude: 115.45921

Nusa Penida is located in Bali. The following map of Nusa Penida shows the exact location.

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