Antalya, Mediterranean Region, Turkey


Örnekköy Beach is situated in Antalya, Turkey, boasting magnificent turquoise waters and a stunning, pebbled coastline that is perfect for families and pets alike. This idyllic beach is also wheelchair accessible and lifeguards are on duty to ensure a safe and relaxing experience for all visitors. For those who crave some excitement, water sports such as paddleboarding and kayaking are available. In addition, table tennis and fitness equipment rentals are also available for a fee. Bars and restaurants located on the beach serve both local and international cuisine and refreshing beverages. Guests with resort access can enjoy various amenities including loungers, showers, and toilets. Furthermore, the beach offers nearby parking space.
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What to do at Örnekköy?


Örnekköy amenities include parking, toilet, shower and loungers.


Best bars near Örnekköy include Rainbow Beach Restaurant, Beach Bar, Buzz Beach, Lemon Beach Lara, Amor Beach Club Kemer, Coco Bar, Karpuzkaldıran Deniz Bar and Ottoman Restaurant&Bar.


Best restaurants near Örnekköy include Mrfood iranin food, MARINA CAFE&KITCHEN, Marina Restaurant, Rose Restaurant, Rainbow Beach Restaurant and SOUTH RESTAURANT BAR.

Where is Örnekköy?

Latitude: 36.84810967 / Longitude: 30.80286384

Örnekköy is located in Antalya. The following map of Örnekköy shows the exact location.

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Where to Stay near Örnekköy?

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