Paradise Point

Paradise Point beach is situated in Karachi, Pakistan on the coastline of Paradise Point bay. The beach is comprised of fine golden sand with stones and has a flat entrance to the water. However, it is recommended to wear special shoes for swimming due to the sandy and stony bottom. Swimming can be complicated by large rock formations in the form of arches. Visitors are advised to bring their own equipment as sunbeds and umbrellas are not provided. The beach offers attractions for both children and adults, including camel and horse riding, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, and sportsgrounds. Guests can participate in diving, snorkeling, or go out with fishermen into the sea. The best time to visit is from October to May, as the rainy season occurs from June to September. If you are seeking a unique beach experience in Karachi, Paradise Point beach is an ideal destination.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that Paradise Point in Karachi, Pakistan is a beautiful and attractive beach with great views, small rock cliffs, and clean water. Visitors enjoy the beachside horse and camel rides, mountain rock observation, and swimming in the Arabian Sea. However, visitors complain that there are no facilities available, so visitors must bring all necessary items with them. Some visitors also warn of the deadly edges of the cliffs and advise visitors to be careful.

Where is Paradise Point?

Latitude: 24.8431126 / Longitude: 66.7752569

Paradise Point is located in Pakistan. The following map of Paradise Point shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Paradise Point?

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