Paraiso Beach is situated on the serene resort island of Cayo Largo del Sul in Cuba. This stunning coastline is blessed with a secluded ambiance that is complemented by the warm currents of the Caribbean Sea. According to historical records, Christopher Columbus visited Cayo Largo during his second trip to the New World in 1494, and Paraiso Beach has preserved its pristine landscape over the centuries. If you yearn to relish a tranquil tropical solace, Paraiso Beach is the ultimate destination for you.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach is beautiful and there are lots of activities, but guests complain about the hotel needing maintenance and having the same food every day. Some staff are demanding tips for basic services, although some are very kind and customer service will try to resolve any problems. Overall, guests rate the hotel 6/10 and recommend informing customer service of any issues. One guest recommends this beach over Sirena as it's less crowded, but the water can be cold.

Where is ParaĆ­so?

Latitude: 21.5948 / Longitude: -81.5391

ParaĆ­so is located in Cuba. The following map of ParaĆ­so shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near ParaĆ­so?

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