Pink Sand Beach

Pink Sand Beach is situated on Barbuda island, nestled in the glistening Caribbean Sea, and has been included among the top holiday destinations. The beach's distinctive, pink-colored sand, comprised of an amalgamation of coral and white sand, draws a considerable number of visitors each year. With a limited local populace, Pink Sand Beach is the perfect retreat if you long for an exclusive and peaceful atmosphere. Additionally, the area has a handful of restaurants and bars, providing an opportunity to delight in a scrumptious lunch or quench your thirst with refreshing drinks.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the beautiful pink color of the beach and clear water as the highlight of the area. However, visitors complain about the lack of signs of life, food, bars or people, and mention the presence of bugs that can be quite annoying. Some visitors recommend Harry's Bar for food and drinks.

Where is Pink Sand Beach?

Latitude: 25.507 / Longitude: -76.6321

Pink Sand Beach is located in Barbuda. The following map of Pink Sand Beach shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Pink Sand Beach?

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