Hawaii, United States of America

Polihale Beach

Located on Kauai island in Hawaii, Polihale beach stands out as the most western publicly accessible area of the region's iconic Napali coast. This stunning white sand beach boasts crystal clear turquoise water and towering cliffs, creating an awe-inspiring backdrop for visitors. Although the beach has limited facilities and camping requires permits, this tranquil and serene setting is ideal for those seeking a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Additionally, Polihale beach offers sweeping views of both Ni'ihau and Lehua islands, cementing its status as one of Hawaii's truly remarkable and inspiring natural wonders.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the beauty of the beach, with remote locations and stunning natural backdrops. Visitors appreciated beach access with wash stations and bathrooms, campsite availability, and off-road drives. However, some visitors complained about potholes and bumps on the roads, large waves and currents making swimming or snorkeling difficult, and hot sand on the beach.

Where is Polihale Beach?

Latitude: 22.0795 / Longitude: -159.7648

Polihale Beach is located in Hawaii. The following map of Polihale Beach shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Polihale Beach?

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