Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece

Porto Timoni Beach

Porto Timoni Beach, located in the village of Afionas in Corfu, is a picturesque destination known for its unique natural beauty and pristine waters. This beach is comprised of two separate beaches, Limni and Porto Timoni, each offering distinct characteristics. Limni boasts turquoise-blue waters, while Porto Timoni is characterized by its dark aquamarine blue waters, which reflect shades of green from the surrounding lush vegetation. The beaches are secluded and unspoiled, making them an ideal spot for nature lovers. The journey to Porto Timoni beaches is not as straightforward as other beaches on the island. From the village square of Afionas, near Agios Georgios Pagon, visitors must embark on a 20-minute walk down a steep path to reach these beaches. The terrain is rocky and uneven, making the hike challenging and the use of appropriate footwear highly recommended. For those who prefer a more relaxed approach, boat hire is available at Agios Georgios Pagon. Despite the lack of organized amenities, Porto Timoni Beach is a popular spot, especially during peak season, and can get crowded. Visitors are advised to bring their own essentials, such as umbrellas or picnic blankets for shade and their own drinking water, as these facilities are not provided on the beach. Nonetheless, the beaches offer free shade under the trees. Parking is available at a nearby location for a fee. Visitors are encouraged to respect the natural beauty of the area by ensuring they do not leave any garbage behind and dispose of litter appropriately in rubbish bins. Despite its challenging access, the captivating views, snorkeling, and underwater photography opportunities make Porto Timoni Beach a must-visit spot in Corfu.

What to do at Porto Timoni Beach?


Porto Timoni Beach amenities include parking.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the beauty and tranquility of the beach, with its perfect spots for snorkeling and underwater photography. The views during the hike down to the beach are described as spectacular and breathtaking, despite the rocky and uneven trail. However, visitors complain about the beach being very busy during peak season, making it less tranquil and hard to find space.

Where is Porto Timoni Beach?

Latitude: 39.7152492 / Longitude: 19.6580634

Porto Timoni Beach is located in Corfu. The following map of Porto Timoni Beach shows the exact location.

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