Medulin, Istria, Croatia

Rt Kamenjak

Rt Kamenjak, situated on the Kamenjak peninsula, lies a mere ten kilometers to the south of Croatia's city of Pula and can be reached in about twenty minutes by car from Premantura. The peninsula boasts a diverse range of flora, with over 550 species of plants flourishing there, predominantly orchids, earning it a reputation for natural beauty. Its inclusion on Lonely Planet's list of top Mediterranean locations for secluded holidays attests to this. While Rt Kamenjak's beaches are mostly stony, featuring flat rocks suited for sunbathing and diving, the area also offers a vivid experience of its wild nature, as evidenced by the safari bar and swing, popular spots for Instagram photographs. It is important to note that vehicular access to Rt Kamenjak carries a fee, while entry for pedestrians and cyclists is free.

What to do at Rt Kamenjak?


Best bars near Rt Kamenjak include Safari Bar and Debeljak Beach Bar.

Where is Rt Kamenjak?

Latitude: 44.7681 / Longitude: 13.9225

Rt Kamenjak is located in Medulin. The following map of Rt Kamenjak shows the exact location.

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