Black Sea Region, Turkey

Saklıbahçe Aile Plajı

Saklıbahçe Aile Plajı, Çayeli is a family-friendly beach located in the Black Sea region of Çayeli, Turkey. The beach is recognized for its unique natural features, with a stony sea bed and a coastline that alternates between sandy and rocky areas. Its waters are generally clean, although they may become less so during wavy conditions. The beach offers a range of amenities for visitors. Picnic tables are scattered across the beach, allowing visitors to enjoy their own food and drinks in a serene setting. Additionally, a toilet facility is available for public use, contributing to the convenience of the beachgoers. However, it's important to note that sunbeds are not provided at Saklıbahçe Aile Plajı. For those planning to visit by car, parking facilities are available, making the beach easily accessible. Despite its array of amenities and the captivating natural environment, Saklıbahçe Aile Plajı is not usually crowded. This could be attributed to its stony nature, which might be less appealing to some visitors compared to a sandy beach. Nevertheless, for those who value a tranquil and more natural beach experience, Saklıbahçe Aile Plajı can be an ideal choice.

What to do at Saklıbahçe Aile Plajı?


Saklıbahçe Aile Plajı amenities include parking and toilet.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the beach's clean sea and the ability to bring your own food and drinks as major positives. They also appreciate the natural environment and the fact that it caters to families. However, complaints are made about the stony terrain, lack of sunbeds, and the perceived high entrance fee.

Where is Saklıbahçe Aile Plajı?

Latitude: 41.0719725 / Longitude: 40.6642802

Saklıbahçe Aile Plajı is located in Black Sea Region. The following map of Saklıbahçe Aile Plajı shows the exact location.

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