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Sand Beaches in Zamboanga

50.2km from Zamboanga center

Saud Beach is a renowned beach located in the Philippines. It is characterized by its white, fine sand and cle...

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93km from Zamboanga center

Suso Beach is a beautiful location known for its relaxing atmosphere and stunning sunset views. The beach is e...

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73.1km from Zamboanga center

Mindoro Beach is a popular destination located a short 15-minute ride from Vigan. The beach is known for its u...

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69.5km from Zamboanga center

Sta. Catalina Beach is a developing beach destination with a variety of natural features. The beach is charact...

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33.2km from Zamboanga center

Badoc Island White Beach is an isolated and mostly untouched beach located in Ilocos. The beach is known for i...

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36.3km from Zamboanga center

Cabangtalan Beach is a public beach known for its unique shoreline filled with coral, making it an interesting...

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41.4km from Zamboanga center

Pug-Os Beach is a picturesque coastal area located in a small gulf. The beach is known for its unique mix of w...

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