Mediterranean Region, Turkey

Side Halk Beach

Side Halk Beach is a well-known beach situated in the region of Manavgat. It is known for its cleanliness and safety, making it a popular destination among both local and foreign visitors. The beach is characterized by its soft sands and clear water, offering a beautiful environment for beachgoers. One of the distinct features of Side Halk Beach is the availability of sunbeds. The municipality provides sunbeds free of charge for visitors. However, visitors may notice that the areas around these free sunbeds might not be as clean. For those who prefer a more pristine environment, there are also sunbeds available for rent at a nominal fee. Although the beach is largely occupied by hotels, there are areas that remain open and accessible to the public. The eastern side of the beach is notable for offering more affordable options for recreational activities. However, prices for these activities may vary depending on the specific location along the beach. In terms of amenities, Side Halk Beach offers various facilities such as restrooms, sun loungers, cafeterias, and showers. These facilities are maintained by Manavgat Belediyesi and are available for public use at all times. Moreover, lifeguards are stationed at the beach to ensure the safety of visitors. The beach is a part of Manavgat Belediyesi's collection of blue flag beaches, which also include Sorgun Boğaz, Sorgun Çamiçi, Kızılot, and the Nar 1, Nar 2, and Nar 3 public beaches located in Antik Side. These beaches are recognized for their clean, safe, and affordable environments, and they contribute to the city's social life.

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Side Halk Beach amenities include loungers.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the cleanliness and safety of the beach, with many appreciating its soft sands and clean water. The beach's beauty and loveliness were also frequently mentioned. However, some visitors complained about the cleanliness around the free sunbeds provided by the municipality, and the higher prices for fun activities towards the western side of the beach.

Where is Side Halk Beach?

Latitude: 36.813057 / Longitude: 31.3149224

Side Halk Beach is located in Mediterranean Region. The following map of Side Halk Beach shows the exact location.

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