Mediterranean Region, Turkey

Side Plajı

Side Plajı, Manavgat, is a sandy beach situated in the city of Manavgat, Turkey. Known for its blue flag status, it upholds a high standard of cleanliness and safety. The beach's vast expanse provides ample space for visitors, catering to a large number of tourists. However, despite its popularity, it lacks certain facilities, such as sunbeds, showers, and dressing rooms. The beach is also recognized for its waves, which are enjoyed by visitors of all ages. However, access to the beach can be limited due to the presence of hotel restaurants and water sports activities, which can restrict the swimming space. The water may not always be clear due to the high volume of people moving in and out, making the beach extremely crowded, particularly during the peak tourist season. Nevertheless, during the winter months, Side Plajı turns into a peaceful retreat. It is an ideal location for a thoughtful stroll along the beach. The beach is also home to local cats, adding a unique charm to the area. Despite its bustling activity during the tourist season, it offers a serene ambiance in the off-peak season, making it a year-round destination.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the vastness and cleanliness of the beach, with some even praising its suitability for children and its peacefulness during the winter. However, they also express dissatisfaction with the lack of facilities such as sunbeds, showers, or dressing rooms. Complaints also include the beach being extremely crowded, limited access due to hotel restaurants, and unclear water due to heavy usage.

Where is Side Plajı?

Latitude: 36.8090028 / Longitude: 31.3306223

Side Plajı is located in Mediterranean Region. The following map of Side Plajı shows the exact location.

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