Traveling to Spain with Your Dog - Rules

Looking to bring your four-legged companion on your Spanish vacation? This guide will walk you through the essentials of planning a trip to Spain with your dog.

Pre-Travel Preparation

Before setting foot on Spanish soil, there are some vital steps you must take to ensure a hassle-free journey.

1. Health Checks and Vaccinations

Your pet should be in good health before any travel and have up-to-date vaccinations. Specifically, a Rabies vaccination is mandatory for entry into Spain and should be administered at least 21 days prior to your journey.

2. Pet Passport or Health Certificate

As an EU member, Spain requires all pets coming from within the EU to have an EU Pet Passport. If you're traveling from a non-EU country, a veterinary certificate detailing your pet’s vaccinations and health status is required.

3. Identification

Your dog must be microchipped according to EU standards, which means the microchip should comply with ISO Standard 11784 or Annex A to ISO standard 11785.

Pet-Friendly Spain

Spain is becoming more and more pet-friendly, with numerous facilities accommodating dogs.

1. Pet-friendly Accommodations

Spain offers a wealth of pet-friendly accommodations, from upscale hotels to cozy holiday rentals. Use travel websites like or Airbnb, and look for the 'pet-friendly' filter.

2. Beaches and Parks

While not all beaches in Spain permit dogs, there are several that do. Similarly, many parks welcome dogs, but remember to keep your pet on a leash unless specified otherwise.

3. Restaurants and Cafes

Spain’s outdoor café culture is perfect for pet owners. Many restaurants and cafes allow dogs in their outdoor seating areas. However, it's always best to confirm before entering.

Traveling around Spain

1. Public Transport

In Spain, dogs are generally allowed on public transport, but the rules vary based on the city and the transport type. Small dogs that can fit in a carrier are usually allowed on buses and trams, while larger dogs may be permitted during non-peak hours or on certain lines. Be prepared for your dog to wear a muzzle on public transportation.

2. By Car

If you plan to rent a car, check the company's policy regarding pets. Always ensure your dog is safely restrained during the drive.


With its rich history, delicious cuisine, and diverse landscapes, Spain can be an incredible destination to explore with your canine companion. By ensuring your pet’s health, respecting local customs, and taking advantage of the pet-friendly facilities, your Spanish adventure can be both memorable and stress-free. Happy travels to you and your furry friend!

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