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Playa Sucia

Playa Sucia, also frequently referred to as La Playuela, is a popular beach located in the municipality of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. It is situated in a nature reserve, making it a haven for those who appreciate untouched natural beauty. This beach is distinguished by its white sand and clear, turquoise waters, which are often calm and ideal for beach activities. Despite its popularity, the beach is often not crowded, offering a peaceful and serene atmosphere for visitors. The landscape surrounding Playa Sucia is another notable feature. The beach is enveloped by picturesque scenery, which contributes to its overall appeal. It provides a unique opportunity for visitors to explore wilderness areas and engage in hiking activities. However, it's important to note that there are no vendors on the beach, so visitors are advised to bring their own water and other necessities. Playa Sucia is easily identifiable by the substantial amount of seaweed that often covers its surface. This seaweed can sometimes reach heights of 2-3 feet and widths of 6 feet, adding to its distinctive natural characteristics. Despite this, the beach remains a favorite among visitors for its tranquility and natural charm. Reaching Playa Sucia involves navigating an unpaved road that is known for being uneven and filled with potholes. It is suggested that visitors use a high-clearance vehicle like an SUV or truck for this journey. However, smaller cars can also make the journey, provided they are driven slowly and with caution. There is limited parking available at the beach, which is a short walk away, estimated to be about 20-25 minutes. Unlike many other beaches in the region, Playa Sucia does not have a strip of hotels or oceanfront businesses, which adds to its secluded appeal. It is located just steps away from Los Morrillos Lighthouse, a significant local landmark. Despite the lack of amenities such as bathrooms or shops, the beach's striking landscape and seclusion make it a special natural wonder. Given the limited parking, it is recommended to arrive early to secure a spot.

What to do at Playa Sucia?


Playa Sucia amenities include parking.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the beauty of Playa Sucia, with its pristine white sand and calm, crystal clear water, as well as the scenic landscape and enjoyable hiking trails nearby. The beach's seclusion and lack of overcrowding are also appreciated by visitors. However, complaints are made about the substantial amount of seaweed on the beach and the rough, uneven road leading to the parking area.

Where is Playa Sucia?

Latitude: 17.9360306 / Longitude: -67.1890376

Playa Sucia is located in Puerto Rico. The following map of Playa Sucia shows the exact location.

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