Mykonos, Aegean, Greece

Super Paradise

Super Paradise, situated in Mykonos town, Greece, is an idyllic sandy beach with pristine crystal-clear waters that is ideal for families with children. The beach caters to both nudists and pet owners and is manned by professional lifeguards throughout the day. Super Paradise is renowned for its exhilarating beach parties that offer an exciting summer experience. The beach is popular with the LGBTQ+ community and primarily frequented by students during summer vacation. The beach is fully equipped with bathers' facilities such as loungers, showers, and restrooms. Along the beach, visitors can revel in the tantalizing culinary offerings served up in the beachside bars and restaurants. For easy accessibility, parking is available in the vicinity.
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What to do at Super Paradise?


Super Paradise amenities include parking, toilet, shower and loungers.


You can enjoy a refreshing drink at one of the bars situated on the beach.


You can enjoy one of the restaurants at the beach while soaking up the sun.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach has comfortable beds, an amazing view, and attentive staff. Visitors also enjoy the food and drinks, although they are on the expensive side. However, some visitors complain about loud music in the evening and the high prices for beach beds. One visitor thinks that the beach is overrated compared to other beaches, but enjoyed the fact that it is a nude beach.

Where is Super Paradise?

Latitude: 37.415249 / Longitude: 25.36906779

Super Paradise is located in Mykonos. The following map of Super Paradise shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Super Paradise?

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