The Bahamas

Tahiti Beach

Tahiti Beach, an idyllic getaway, sits at the southern end of Elbow Cay island in The Bahamas, where only pedestrians, bikers or boaters can access it, making this a secluded destination. Its exclusivity appeals to couples seeking privacy and romance. The transparent, crystal-clear waters that are typical of The Bahamas offer visual delights for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts. Regrettably, equipment is not available on-site, and guests are advised to bring their own. Visitors should be cautious while in the water as there are occasional appearances of sharks and other sea creatures.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that Tahiti Beach is a beautiful beach with great sand, seashells, and crystal clear water. Visitors love the floating bar and lounging in the waist-deep water, but some are disappointed that the Thirsty Cuda bar is sometimes closed, and snorkeling is prohibited due to a shark attack in 2015.

Where is Tahiti Beach?

Latitude: 26.5004884 / Longitude: -76.9846027

Tahiti Beach is located in The Bahamas. The following map of Tahiti Beach shows the exact location.

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