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Tijuana, located in Baja California in Mexico, is home to several unique beaches. Playa Cabo Delfin is known for its tranquil atmosphere and natural beauty, while Tijuana Beach is appreciated for its vibrant culture and beautiful sunsets. Playa El Bebe offers a serene environment ideal for family outings, and Playa Tranquila provides a peaceful atmosphere with convenient amenities. Lastly, Rosarito Beach is a renowned beachfront resort known for its panoramic ocean views and vibrant nightlife. A comprehensive list of beaches in Tijuana can be found in our guide below.
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23.6km from Tijuana center

Playa Cabo Delfin is a beach known for its tranquil atmosphere and natural beauty. The beach is not typically ...

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9.9km from Tijuana center

Tijuana Beach is a beautiful and peaceful location, known for its amazing weather and welcoming local citizens...

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18.2km from Tijuana center

Playa El Bebe is a tranquil beach located in the coastal city of Rosarito, Mexico. It is particularly apprecia...

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19.5km from Tijuana center

Playa Tranquila is a beach known for its serene and peaceful atmosphere. The beach is less crowded compared to...

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19.5km from Tijuana center

Rosarito Beach, also known as Playa Rosarito, is a renowned beachfront resort located in Baja, Mexico. This po...

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17.7km from Tijuana center

Santa Monica Beach is a beloved location for both locals and visitors. Known for its natural beauty, the beach...

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21km from Tijuana center

Arroyo Huacatay is a public beach known for its cold water. It is a popular destination for families and is of...

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The best time to visit Tijuana in Baja California in Mexico is during the summer months of June to August. With warm and pleasant weather, this is the perfect time to enjoy swimming in the sea, spending time on the beach, and engaging in outdoor activities. The water temperature is ideal for a refreshing dip, and the sunny days provide ample opportunity for sunbathing and beach sports. Whether you're exploring the vibrant city or indulging in the local cuisine, the summer months offer the best conditions for a memorable visit to Tijuana.

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