Vecaki Beach

Vecaki beach, situated in close proximity to Latvia's capital city, Riga, boasts a breathtaking coastline enveloped in soft golden sand, surrounded by verdant pine trees and overlooking crystal-clear blue waters, making it an idyllic paradise for locals and tourists seeking tranquility and relaxation. Naturists are drawn to the serene and peaceful nature of the beach, with an exclusive section allocated for nude sunbathing and swimming. For those desiring to discover the remarkable landmarks and regions of Riga, an organized Riga Cycling Tour is available. While the beach lacks ample facilities, visitors can rent loungers and enjoy refreshments from a local café nearby. Additionally, a small parking lot near the beach offers convenient access.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the clean and spacious sandy beach with a variety of amenities such as restaurants and bars, family-friendly atmosphere, and calm waters that are perfect for swimming. Visitors complain about limited parking slots during summer and too much laminarias along the coast line. However, the beach is less crowded during the winter season.

Where is Vecaki Beach?

Latitude: 57.0815591 / Longitude: 24.1045631

Vecaki Beach is located in Latvia. The following map of Vecaki Beach shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Vecaki Beach?

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