Black Sea Region, Turkey

Vi├že Beach

Vi├že Beach, F─▒nd─▒kl─▒, also known as Plaji Vice or F─▒nd─▒kl─▒ Vice, is a family-friendly beach situated in the Sahil Mahallesi neighborhood of F─▒nd─▒kl─▒, Rize, Turkey. It is located next to the Poyraz breakwater and the Yenik├Ây fishing harbor in the Eastern Black Sea region. The beach is known for its immaculate conditions, with fine sand, a clean and shallow sea, and a sandy sea bottom. These characteristics make it particularly safe and enjoyable for children. The beach offers a variety of amenities, including umbrellas, sunbeds, showers, and cabins. However, it should be noted that outside food is not permitted on the premises. Vi├že Beach is known for its fun atmosphere, with music and foam parties being regular features. Despite its popularity, the beach does not seem to be overly crowded, offering a balanced mix of fun and relaxation. Access to the beach is charged per person, and the fee includes the use of amenities like sunbeds and showers. While some visitors have expressed concerns about the pricing policy, many find the cost to be reasonable given the quality of the facilities and the overall beach experience. Getting to Vi├že Beach is straightforward as it is a well-known destination in the region. However, specific details about the location and how to get there are not readily available. While information about parking facilities is not explicitly mentioned, it can be inferred that parking options are likely available nearby due to the beach's popularity.

What to do at Vi├že Beach?


Vi├že Beach amenities include shower and loungers.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the beach's cleanliness, shallow and sandy sea, and family-friendly environment as the most appreciated features. The beach is also praised for its fun atmosphere with music and foam parties. However, some visitors express dissatisfaction with the perceived high entrance fees and restrictions on bringing food from outside.

Where is Vi├že Beach?

Latitude: 41.2597445 / Longitude: 41.1284325

Vi├že Beach is located in Black Sea Region. The following map of Vi├že Beach shows the exact location.

Where to Stay near Vi├že Beach?

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