Visiting Croatia in April and May - Pros and Cons

Croatia is a beautiful country located in the heart of Europe, known for its stunning coastline, picturesque cities, and rich cultural heritage. If you are planning a visit to Croatia, April and May are great months to do so. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of visiting Croatia in April and May.


  1. Mild weather: In April and May, the weather in Croatia is mild and pleasant, with temperatures ranging between 15°C and 25°C. This makes it a great time to explore the country's outdoor attractions, such as national parks, beaches, and islands, without the scorching heat of the summer months.

  2. Lower prices: Visiting Croatia in April and May means you can enjoy lower prices on accommodation, food, and other tourist services. As these months are considered shoulder season, you can save money on your trip while still experiencing Croatia's beauty.

  3. Fewer crowds: As April and May are not peak tourist season, you can expect fewer crowds at popular tourist destinations. This means you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Croatia without feeling rushed or overcrowded.

  4. Spring blossoms: Spring is a beautiful time to visit Croatia as the country comes alive with vibrant blossoms and greenery. You can take scenic walks or drives through the countryside and enjoy the stunning scenery.


  1. Limited ferry service: As April and May are not peak tourist season, some of the ferry services to Croatia's islands may be limited or not available. This can make it challenging to visit some of the more remote island destinations.

  2. Unpredictable weather: While the weather in Croatia in April and May is generally mild, it can be unpredictable at times. You may experience rainy days or sudden temperature drops, which can affect your travel plans.

  3. Limited tourist services: Some tourist services, such as tour guides and transportation options, may be limited during shoulder season. This can make it more challenging to plan your itinerary and explore the country.

  4. Fewer cultural events: If you are interested in experiencing Croatia's cultural events and festivals, you may be disappointed as there are fewer events held in April and May compared to the summer months.

  5. Cold sea temperatures: While the weather on land may be mild, the sea temperature in Croatia during April and May is still chilly, making swimming not very pleasant, especially in April.

In conclusion, visiting Croatia in April and May has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for a more affordable and less crowded trip, and don't mind the possibility of limited ferry service, unpredictable weather, and cold sea temperatures, then these months can be a great time to visit Croatia. However, if you are interested in experiencing Croatia's cultural events and festivals or prefer a warmer sea temperature, then you may want to consider visiting during peak tourist season. Regardless of when you decide to visit, Croatia is a beautiful country with plenty to offer (including some of the best beaches in the world), and you are sure to have a wonderful time exploring it.

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