Yalong Bay

Yalong Bay is highly acclaimed as one of China's premier beaches that caters to all kinds of preferences. The beachfront area boasts unspoiled natural beauty and deluxe resorts, ensuring a memorable experience for all. Golf enthusiasts can conveniently access the region's top golf club located within close proximity. Likewise, for water enthusiasts, the bay's exceptionally clear waters render it an excellent spot for engaging in underwater activities like scuba diving and snorkeling.
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What to do at Yalong Bay?


Best bars near Yalong Bay include Palm Lounge, Long Bar, Tianyu Sand Beach Bar Self-service Barbecue, 美景台大堂酒吧 and 拉风酒吧烧烤.


Best restaurants near Yalong Bay include Hainan Yujia, Weitaile Pub Restaurant, 哈瓦那比萨小食店, Little Sheep, Dangui Building and Canna Western Restaurant.

Where is Yalong Bay?

Latitude: 18.23481 / Longitude: 109.64757

Yalong Bay is located in China. The following map of Yalong Bay shows the exact location.

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