Yonaha Maehama

Yonaha Maehama beach is known for its annual "Strongman" triathlon, held during the swimming trial, which offers a unique and entertaining experience. Additionally, hiking enthusiasts can enjoy scaling the hill overlooking the beach, offering breathtaking views of the area. At the summit of the hill, one can find the Ryugu Castle Observatory, designed to resemble the Ryugu Castle, and providing a panoramic view of Yonaha Maehama beach in its entirety.
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Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the clear, blue water and fine, white sand of this beach, perfect for swimming and suntanning. Visitors also enjoy the ample parking and beautiful sunset views. However, some visitors note that there is not much for snorkeling, and there are some annoying businesses selling equipment and blasting music.

Where is Yonaha Maehama?

Latitude: 24.73602 / Longitude: 125.26302

Yonaha Maehama is located in Japan. The following map of Yonaha Maehama shows the exact location.

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