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Abbot's Cliff

Abbot's Cliff beach is situated in Kent, UK and is primarily composed of pebbles and shingle, with rocks found off the shoreline. However, gaining access to the beach can be challenging and perilous due to the presence of cliff falls and steep paths. Although not officially designated as a nudist beach, Abbot's Cliff has a long-standing reputation as one. It is located between Samphire Hoe Country Park and "The Warren" Country Park, and can be accessed from Samphire Hoe, Folkestone, or Capel-le-Ferne. While the beach is still frequented by local naturists, it lacks any amenities. Dogs are permitted on the beach, but visitors should exercise caution when approaching it due to the potential for cliff falls and steep paths.
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What to do at Abbot's Cliff?


One of the best bars near Abbot's Cliff is The Royal Oak.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight that the beach is lovely and offers a feeling of freedom, with great opportunities to walk dogs, watch wildlife, and even spot seals. However, visitors complain about difficult access, lack of proper signposting, and no facilities on the beach. Additionally, one review mentions that the beach is an unofficial nude beach.

Where is Abbot's Cliff?

Latitude: 51.0998011 / Longitude: 1.2292281

Abbot's Cliff is located in England. The following map of Abbot's Cliff shows the exact location.

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