Faro District, Portugal

Praia de Almádena

Praia de Almádena is a beach located below the steep cliffs where the old Almadena fort stands. It is characterized by its rocky shoreline, which can be difficult to access, especially at high tide. Despite this, its natural beauty is undeniable, with fine sand and rocks in the background adding to its charm. The beach is not excessively large, but it is larger than a cove, making it a lovely spot for visitors. It is also described as unspoilt and glorious, suggesting that it is not typically crowded. For amenities, there is a restaurant nearby that is open during certain times. Additionally, there is a parking area very close to the beach for visitors who drive. However, it should not be confused with Cabañas Viejas beach.
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What to do at Praia de Almádena?


Praia de Almádena amenities include parking.


One of the best restaurants near Praia de Almádena is The Bay at Praia das Cabanas Velhas.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the natural beauty and tranquility of the beach, with its fine sand and scenic rocky backdrop being particularly appreciated. The beach's size, being larger than a cove but not excessively large, is also frequently mentioned as a positive aspect. However, visitors complain about the difficult access to the beach, with some even referring to it as an inaccessible rocky shoreline.

Where is Praia de Almádena?

Latitude: 37.0661709 / Longitude: -8.8028412

Praia de Almádena is located in Faro District. The following map of Praia de Almádena shows the exact location.

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