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Biliran, located in the Philippines, boasts a number of unique beaches. Agpangi Brown Beach, for instance, is known for its brown sand that occasionally glows golden and offers a majestic view of the coastlines and Panamao Mountain. The beach's tables are strategically positioned for optimal views, and the sea breeze is said to help visitors relax. The beach is also a popular spot for gatherings and is known for its delicious food. A complete list of beaches in Biliran can be found in our guide below.
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Agpangi Brown Beach is a serene vacation spot located in the heart of Agpangi. The beach is characterized by i...

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The best time to visit Biliran in Philippines is during the months of March to May. During this time, the weather is warm and sunny, making it perfect for swimming in the sea, spending time on the beach, and engaging in outdoor activities. The water temperature is also ideal for swimming, allowing visitors to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Biliran's beaches. Whether you're looking to relax on the sandy shores or explore the island's natural beauty, the months of March to May provide the best conditions for a memorable visit to Biliran in Philippines.

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