Zadar County, Dalmatia, Croatia

Bilotinjak Beach

Bilotinjak Beach, also known as Plaža Bilotinjak, is a natural sandy beach nestled in the town of Zaton, Croatia. The beach is approximately 2 km west of the town and lies between the popular locations of Privlaka and Zaton in the Zadar Channel. It is situated adjacent to the well-known Camp Zaton and Zaton Holiday Resort beaches. Bilotinjak Beach is characterized by its fine sand, clean, clear water, and relatively shallow sea, making it an ideal location for children, non-swimmers, and pets. The beach is protected by a sandy hill several meters high, providing a sense of seclusion and tranquility. The water at Bilotinjak Beach is known for its beautiful blue color, giving visitors a true oceanic feeling with its gentle waves. The beach offers a serene and enjoyable experience for those seeking a peaceful beach getaway. It is particularly popular among nature lovers, offering opportunities for activities such as snorkeling. The beach also offers a stunning view of a spacious sandy coastline and the ocean, enhancing the overall beach experience. Despite its natural beauty, Bilotinjak Beach is not easily accessible. It can be reached by a narrow rural road followed by a short walk. The driveway to the beach is challenging, with tiny and partially damaged roads. Bilotinjak Beach is not managed and therefore lacks amenities such as toilets, restaurants, or the possibility of renting an umbrella. There is also limited shade on the beach, so visitors are advised to bring sun protection. As there are no additional facilities or restaurants available, visitors are recommended to bring enough food and drinks. The beach does not have parking spaces and the few that exist are occupied very early in the morning. However, despite these challenges, the beach is not crowded and offers enough space for many people. This makes Bilotinjak Beach particularly suitable for families with children and pet owners. However, visitors should note the lack of infrastructure such as showers and toilets.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the beach's beautiful nature, clear blue water, and the fact that it's not crowded, providing a private and serene environment. They also appreciate the shallow waters, making it safe for kids, and the ample sandy space. However, they complain about the lack of amenities such as toilets, parking spaces, and infrastructure in general.

Where is Bilotinjak Beach?

Latitude: 44.2346541 / Longitude: 15.1537324

Bilotinjak Beach is located in Zadar County. The following map of Bilotinjak Beach shows the exact location.

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