Zadar County, Dalmatia, Croatia

Children's Paradise Beach

Children's Paradise Beach is a tranquil seaside destination situated in Općina SukoÅ”an, Croatia. The beach is managed by KATARINA LINE LTD. TRAVEL AGENCY, a company that provides a variety of tourism services. The beach, which is under the jurisdiction of the Tourism Inspectorate in Zagreb, is subject to the terms of service and the Tourism Services Act. One of the defining characteristics of Children's Paradise Beach is its combination of pebble and rock terrain, with a presence of sand within the water. The water is noted for its cleanliness and clarity, and it gradually becomes shallow, making it a safe and suitable environment for both children and adults. The beach is generally calm and peaceful, offering a relaxing atmosphere for its patrons. Despite its serene ambiance, one should note that the beach lacks extensive shade options. There are only a few trees providing cover in one area of the beach, which can become overcrowded due to the limited shaded space. Visitors planning to spend a day at the beach are advised to bring along sun protection, such as umbrellas or sun hats. In terms of amenities, the beach is surrounded by small shops and quick food and drink outlets, providing convenience for visitors. However, visitors should be aware that the beach's rocky terrain can be challenging, especially when entering the water without appropriate footwear like sandals. Getting to Children's Paradise Beach requires navigating through a small street. However, potential visitors should note that the beach does not provide parking facilities. Therefore, planning for transportation to and from the beach is a necessary part of the visit. Despite these minor inconveniences, Children's Paradise Beach remains a charming destination for those seeking a tranquil seaside experience in Općina SukoÅ”an, Croatia.

Visitor Reviews

Visitor reviews highlight the cleanliness and tranquility of the beach, with many appreciating the clear water and calm atmosphere, ideal for relaxation. The beach is also praised for being child-friendly, with shallow waters and sand in the water. However, some visitors complain about the lack of sand on the beach and the presence of pebbles, making it difficult to walk without sandals, and the limited shade available.

Where is Children's Paradise Beach?

Latitude: 44.0410589 / Longitude: 15.3078768

Children's Paradise Beach is located in Zadar County. The following map of Children's Paradise Beach shows the exact location.

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