Zadar County, Dalmatia, Croatia

Sukošan Beaches

Sukošan is a picturesque town located in the Zadar County in Croatia. Known for its beautiful coastline, Sukošan is a popular destination for beach lovers and sun seekers from around the world.

Children's Paradise Beach is a tranquil seaside destination known for its combination of pebble and rock terrain, with a presence of sand within the water. Despite its serene ambiance, the beach lacks extensive shade options and visitors are advised to bring along sun protection. Marina Dalmacija Beach, on the other hand, is renowned for its modern, clean, and beautiful environment, equipped with excellent amenities including shower facilities, toilets, and a playground for children. Beach Punta Bibinje is favored for its cleanliness and the beautiful blue color of the sea, but it tends to get crowded during the high season. Bilotinjak Beach offers a serene and enjoyable experience for those seeking a peaceful beach getaway, characterized by its fine sand, clean, clear water, and relatively shallow sea. However, it is not easily accessible and lacks amenities. Lastly, Ninska Laguna Beach is renowned for its large sandy coastline and is known for its healing mud, believed to have therapeutic properties.

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Top Beaches in Sukošan

0.8km from Sukošan center

Children's Paradise Beach is a tranquil seaside destination situated in Općina Sukošan, Croatia. The beach is ...

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1.3km from Sukošan center

Marina Dalmacija Beach, located on the Dalmatian coast, is the largest marina in the region. It is renowned fo...

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1.6km from Sukošan center

Beach Punta Bibinje is a popular beach located near Zadar city. It is particularly favored during the low seas...

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24.6km from Sukošan center

Bilotinjak Beach, also known as Plaža Bilotinjak, is a natural sandy beach nestled in the town of Zaton, Croat...

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24.7km from Sukošan center

Ninska Laguna Beach is a popular beach situated in the historic town of Nin, Croatia. The beach is renowned fo...

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5.2km from Sukošan center

The exquisite Zelena Punta beach is strategically situated on the island of Ugljan, in Zadar County, Croatia. ...

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4.5km from Sukošan center

Bibinje Beach is a picturesque and popular beach located in Općina Bibinje, Croatia. Known for its stunning an...

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4.6km from Sukošan center

Beach Matlovac is situated in the town of Banj, within the Pasman Island region of Croatia. This well-regarded...

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9.1km from Sukošan center

Kolovare beach, located near Zadar, Croatia, is a well-known and highly frequented beach that has been awarded...

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4.9km from Sukošan center

Lipauska Beach, situated in Općina Bibinje, Croatia, is a popular spot known for a variety of activities. Hist...

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6.7km from Sukošan center

Mala Sabuša Beach, also known as Plaža Sabuša Kukljica, is a picturesque destination situated on the western c...

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7.9km from Sukošan center

Beach Podbrig is located in Zadar, Croatia. It is a mix of concrete, gravel and pebble beach. It is a great sp...

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Best Time to Visit Sukošan

The best time to visit Sukošan in Zadar County in Croatia is during the summer months of June to August. With warm and sunny weather, this is the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful beaches and indulge in various outdoor activities. The sea temperature is ideal for swimming, making it a great destination for beach lovers. Whether you want to relax on the sandy shores or try exciting water sports, Sukošan offers plenty of opportunities. Additionally, the summer months also bring vibrant festivals and events, adding to the lively atmosphere of the town. So pack your swimsuit and sunscreen, and get ready for a memorable summer getaway in Sukošan!

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